Roller Derby. Have you heard about it? Ever wondered what it’s all about? Fancy going to a game and seeing this fast paced, full contact, passionate and high energy sport for yourself?

Now could be your chance!!

Next week Lorraine from London Skate Crew will be interviewing Ninjette from London Rollergirls – the original and top ranked roller derby team in Europe. Ninjette plays on the allstar team, London Brawling and is the assistant captain of the LRG hometeam Ultraviolent Femmes. Having represented England in the Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto in December 2011, she is back training hard and has kindly agreed to meet me to chat all things Roller Derby.

Send me a question to ask Ninjette and you could win a pair of tickets for the next bout on the 3rd of March. It’s a game full of tactics, energy and passion and best of all it all happens on a pair of skates. so get thinking of your questions now.

The bout details:

You will see the Ultraviolent Femmes take on the Steam Rollers and in this double header the Harbour Grudges will also go up against the Central City Rollergirls from Birmingham. It’s a chance not to be missed as you get to see what has been quoted to be the fastest growing women’s sport in the world

Questions must be in by Sunday 26th February and winners will be notified by email the evening of the 27th February. Send in your questions now to

For more information on Roller Derby and the game check out the London Rollergirls website at Here they have the rules of the game and other interesting facts. Advance tickets for £14 are also available here or they can be purchased for £16 on the door at Earls Court. Doors open at 4pm.

So send your questions now to secure the tickets now!!

Photos are from Steve Newton!